At IS Oxford we believe it is incredibly important to give back, and we are proud to support a number of different causes each year, chosen by members of our team.

For the past 17 years IS Oxford have also given every staff member a sum to spend each Christmas at

Despite the challenging year, Christmas 2020 was no exception. Everyone was given £250 to spend on good causes of our choice.

Here’s what we decided to support…

At home here in the UK:

  • 10 survival blankets for rough sleepers
  • 10 gifts to cheer the socially isolated
  • Warm clothes and a teddy for 8 children in UK women's refuges
  • 2 visits to the theatre for a child who wouldn't otherwise get the chance
  • 2 bikes for low-paid youngsters
  • 4 singing lessons for communities
  • 2 class trips
  • Reading lessons for a UK prisoner
  • We are paying to plant 12 beech trees, 75m2 of woodland, trees to prevent flooding and 60m of hedgerow.
  • We are paying to clear UK forests to create bluebell woods and save 24m of greenbelt
  • We are also providing equipment for zoo animals, 12 vegetable patch kits, equipped a child for school and even adopted two salad varieties threatened with extinction!

And help abroad:

  • Training for 4 nurses and one nursing assistant for a year in Africa
  • Medicine for emergency clinics helping refugees fleeing war zones
  • The delivery of 100 knitted donations and 8 toys for children in refugee camps
  • Training for 3 teachers in Somalia & Sudan
  • Providing start-up funds for a women's cooperative
  • Planting an avenue of date palms
  • Providing education for a disabled child in a developing country
  • 7 drip irrigation systems, 5 solar lamps and 2 lambs for African villages
  • Providing 3 midwives and three maternity kits to ensure safe deliveries in Africa, plus medicine to save 150 maternal lives and 4 soft blankets for newborns
  • Finally, we are supporting Yezidi women in their work clearing ISIS mines

We would like to thank our customers for making this possible - we couldn't do it without them!


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