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Core of a cube

Heritage CIRQA - the Core System

Heritage Cirqa is excellent value for money, providing four main modules (see below) in the core product. We also offer a number of additional modules for more specific requirements.


  • Cataloguing: catalogue all types of material: books, PDFs, CDs, DVDs, websites, documents
  • Circulations: issue and return, reserve and chase up overdue items
  • Management and Reports: produce reports and statistics, schedule activities, import/export and bulk data modification
  • Housekeeping: all the tools you need to make global changes and set rules for running the system

In addition to the core modules above you will require Heritage Online, the OPAC (online public access catalogue). Heritage Online is provided in different sizes to suit different institutions, so is not included as part of the core package. 

Interested in reading further? The Heritage Cirqa Brochure is a great place to start. It is packed with information about the software and services we provide. If the provision of online access to your catalogue is not a requirement then Heritage may be a more appropriate solution. 

For a more complete list of Heritage Cirqa functionality please see the a-z functions list


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