A wide range of services

It is one thing to get a customer to buy your product, but quite another to keep them happy for many years afterwards. For over twenty years now we have provided the very best after-sales care to our users. We offer a wide range of services which are summarised below. 

However, the proof of our commitment to quality and consistent care can only be found by talking to our users. We welcome prospective users contacting existing users. We can supply you with lists of users in your area, or your library sector to contact and talk to, details of this service can be found at the home page.

Here is a list of some our main services:

  • Technical Support: problem solving, assistance and ideas.
  • System Hosting: we take the strain by hosting your data; no server for you to purchase, setup and maintain.
  • Data Conversion: we can take the data from your old system and convert it to Heritage Cirqa.
  • Remote & On-site Consultancy: MOTs and periodical data clean-ups. Fine tuning and upgrading.
  • eLibrarian Service: Report writing, letter customisation, tidying data, global changes and deletions - in fact pretty much anything!

We produce a brochure outlining our Training and Support Services: just add it to your basket or Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Support services brochure

Support Website

A dedicated Support Website is available only to registered Heritage users. This is a first port of call if you need access to an extensive library of Helpsheets and Quicktips and it is updated regularly with the latest information.  

Support Weekly emails

"The great thing about Heritage is that you always seem to preempt our requirements - the weekly support emails are always drawing my attention to another great feature that I never knew I couldn't live without!"

Sarah Crudge, Tresham College

Our 'hints and tips’ email service focuses on a different topic each week – sometimes it is just a helpful keystroke, sometimes a feature long-standing users may have forgotten about (and new users haven't discovered yet!). Keeping in touch with our users is very important to us, and improving knowledge of what the system can do builds confidence in those using it whilst ensuring they are kept abreast of all new developments.  



System Implementation & Configuration Service

This service, which is recommended for all new users, involves one of our trainers configuring your Heritage Cirqa system to your requirements so that the system is ready for you to start using straight away. Our trainer will discuss your set-up with you in advance and you will simply need to complete a form to confirm your preferences.

The tasks covered by the service include the following: 

  • Basic setup of overdues, reservations, library details, locations, users and logins
  • Basic setup of scheduled events
  • Help with setting up Reader Import Module (with data provided by your institution)
  • Basic set up of Enquiry Groups for providing tailored views of Heritage Online 

Once your system is configured you will be provided with a printed report  which will identify areas which you may wish to further refine or revisit in the future. We can also supply a proposed training overview to address these points in the future so nothing is forgotten. 

Remote Upgrades

If you want to upgrade to a new version of Heritage and are worried about finding the time in a busy schedule, then our support technicians can do it for you. They can run the installation remotely and check that everything is as it should be, leaving you to get on with running your busy resource centre.

Marvin Forum

Marvin is a brilliant tool for keeping up to date with and learning more about Heritage from us and from other users. It is a forum available on our support website which has the added benefit of an extensive archive of topics discussed in the past.  Contact the support team at for more information.

On-site consultancy

After installation we can offer on-site consultancy at any point for a variety of purposes: system configuration, annual MOT and complex problem-solving that falls outside of your normal annual maintenance contract. We can provide an accurate quotation for any work that falls into this category ahead of a decision to visit.


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