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What range of media do you hold in your library? Is it all catalogued on Heritage?
The CIIM Library consists of printed books and journals, and a small number of DVDs and CDs, We have also recently started to use eBooks and these are also now catalogued on Heritage.
Can you remember where you first heard about Heritage? Did you look at our website before contacting us?
I had first used Heritage when I worked in at Coleg Glan Hafren in Wales, so already had Heritage in mind as a possible solution. I looked at the IS Oxford website before contacting Heritage to bring myself up to date with developments.
Do you remember how many library management systems you looked closely at?
We started with a long list of over 30 systems, but narrowed this down to a shortlist of 4 systems.
What were you looking for in a library management system? What were your priorities?
Value for money, and the ability to grow and adapt to cope with CIIM’s future needs.
Why did you choose Heritage over the other systems you were considering?
I was impressed with the quality of the interactions I had with the Heritage team, and the large installation base added further credibility.
What are your overall impressions of IS Oxford staff (this includes Sales, Training and Support staff, plus any Developers you may have dealt with)?
We have had Heritage since March 2009. I have been very impressed with the Heritage team, and am thrilled (and relieved!) that we made a good decision by choosing Heritage. The software has been extremely reliable and robust.
How did the initial installation process of Heritage go? Did you find it straightforward?
Very straightforward.
What did you think of the Heritage training?
Very good, with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Trainer (Tom Knightley.
How have you found the support service from ISstaff?
Very good.
Have you used the support website? How useful did you find it?
Easy to use, with lots of helpsheets available, and the facility to track the progress of support cases.
Are you a member of Marvin, our list server? Do you find Marvin a useful service?
I am a member of Marvin.
How has Heritage improved the day-to-day running of the library and services offered to your users?
So far Heritage has been 100% reliable. Students and staff have adapted to it very easily, and find it a huge improvement on our previous system.
What are your favourite features in Heritage?
Quick Cat, an attractive OPAC display, the ability to catalogue eBooks, and the ability for students to check their loans and self-renew. As we implement further functionality, I am sure that this list will grow!
Have you got any suggestions for features that aren’t presently available in Heritage that you would like to see?
We still have lots of features to implement, but have not noticed any major omissions so far. We were careful to choose a system that met all our current needs, and as much functionality as we could foresee needing in the next few years.
Do you have any other comments you would like to make about IS Oxford or Heritage? Would you recommend it/us to other libraries?
I am convinced that we made a very good choice, and have no reservations in recommending Heritage as a library software, and the IS Oxford team and the excellent support they continue to provide us.

Cyprus International Institute of Management have been using Heritage since 2009. They currently have one additional full access licence, Heritage Online (Small), the Acquisitions Module, the Marc Cataloguing Module, the Fines Module, the Reader Import Module, the Multi-Site Module and the Quickcat Online Module.


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