More donations!

We’ve been giving every staff member £200 to spend on charitable causes each Christmas for the last 16 years.

Here is more of what we chose…

We have funded a portable pharmacy in rural Africa and Asia, where access to healthcare hardly exists. This will enable doctors to treat up to 1,500 patients in remote emergency health camps, with pain killers, antibiotics, eye drops, ointments, creams, diuretics, water purification tablets and more. The pharmacy, which would normally cost £4,000, is donated by UK pharmaceutical companies and costs only £400 to assemble and deliver. Naturally, it’s a godsend in war zones, such as Yemen.

We are providing operations that correct cataract, trachoma and other blinding conditions for two children and five adults in Africa and providing medical treatment that will protect 2000 people from River Blindness and Elephantiasis.

We are also providing medicine to de-worm 2000 children in Africa and paying for midwives to attend two births to ensure safe deliveries.

We are really proud that profits from our business here can go to such good causes.


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