More news!

For the 16th year running each member of our team gets to spend £200 of company profits on good gifts at Christmas.

We are donating funds to look after four abandoned children in India or Africa for a month and two ‘school mothers’ to help walk girls to school in Africa.

We have supported the ‘Knit for Peace’ project, an initiative of the Charities Advisory Trust. In the Middle East, knitting and crochet bring together different communities, across ethnic and religious boundaries. The plan is to form parallel projects in Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, with local leadership.

We have provided a bike for use in an Indian slum, to help someone get to work or school. We are also helping women in India and South Africa start earning money from craft businesses and form co-operatives to support each other.

We have provided a year’s schooling for two children in Africa and two months of support for an Indian street child in the form of warm meals, learning and mentoring.

We are providing African villagers with 7 solar lamps, which are cleaner and cheaper than the kerosene ones normally used.


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