We raised £1,100 for our charitable causes. What did we spend it on?

We hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about each of the IS Oxford team each day. The prize draw was fun, as always, but the best bit was raising funds for our chosen charities.

With your help we have purchased the following:

9 specially trained dogs

The gift of a specially trained dog can make life less frightening for an autistic child, providing a familiar and reassuring presence in the outside world. This will help both child and family achieve a calmer life.

5 Tent Schools

The gift of a tent school can vastly improve the future for children of India's lowest caste itinerant workers. Until now, enrolment in school has not been an option, so they grow up without literacy or numeracy skills, drifting into begging gangs or sexual exploitation. Tent schools, established in squatter slums, offer access to reading, writing and arithmetic plus a hot meal and lessons about basic hygiene.

Gifted 72 patients “Chemo on the go” for a week

Chemotherapy treatment usually confines patients to a hospital room. But now a brilliantly designed backpack allows patients to stroll about, meet friends or even sit in the open air during treatment. The backpacks last for years. At an estimated cost of £4 a treatment, this gift is a small price to make life a little easier during these difficult times.

8 Safe havens for children

At the end of a South African township school day, many children are forced to wander the streets till parents return from work. But the streets are dangerous and the school children could be co-opted into gangs or even sexually exploited. This gift provides safe havens by paying township mothers to operate afterschool clubs in their own homes, offering a meal and activities to up to four children. Much needed income for them, and safety for the children.

All are gifted through the scheme. We couldn’t do this without your support – thank you so much.


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