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He does a lot of work for charity but doesn't like to talk about it Dave Nice to Mike Smash

We are fortunate. We have enjoyed access to good education, health care and the opportunity to earn a fair income for our efforts. We have good customers who believe in us and invest in our company by buying Heritage. Therefore it is right to give a proportion of our income to good and worthy causes. We want to share these with you, not so that we look great particularly, but rather so that you might consider adding your support too.

We support several local community projects with a fund we put aside from our income each year. In addition, every year at Christmas we give each of our staff £200 to donate as they wish through . Last year quite a varied selection was made with the emphasis on children and the environment. Again this year we have supplied to another village library in India.

The three most popular choices this year were providing 18 children with a year's schooling in Africa, supporting 14 Afghan girls and re-uniting 12 children with a family member or if orphans cared for in a hostel. Other popular choices were 8 treatments of medicine to save a life and transforming the life of 6 Indian children. Keeping the theme of children we also supported bikes for midwives, maternity kits, baby parcels and the gift of sight to 15 children. We have supplied clean water for 2 Bangladeshi families and clean water for 3 schools.

Closer to home we have also supplied 40m of English hedgerow, helped regenerate 2 meadows of flowers and helped clear 2 Bluebell woods allowing dormant bluebells to flourish.

Thes following are some of the good causes we have been able to support in recent years:

Advent Calendar and Christmas Giving

You can find out about our giving each year in this news item.

The Art Room

(registered charity 1088739) which helps children on the verge of exclusion from local schools because of behavioural problems through art therapy.

The Ark T

(registered charity 1079495) which provides art education in the Cowley district of Oxford with a particular emphasis on providing facilities for the preparation and presentation of art.

The Blackbird Leys Summer Project for Young People 2003 - 2009

Blackbird Leys is one of the most deprived wards in England. This project provides a range of activities for children mainly aged 9-13 who are most at risk of becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour. This is part of the Jubilee '77 Community Association (registered charity 1068516).

In addition we have provided support to a number of other local and national charities which members of our team have some involvement with. Information on charities is available from


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