Are there times when you need some instruction, perhaps covering a specific topic or task too small to warrant a full training day? etrainer is a fast and efficient way to top-up your knowledge right where you are and when you need it most!

What is etrainer?

etrainer is a combination of a real-life Heritage Trainer, web software and a telephone line. With your permission, our Trainer will log-in to your system and guide you through the area you wish to learn about. As you both share control of the screen and can hear each other over the phone connection (ideally hands-free so that you can operate your computer easily) it really is like being in the same room together, but without the travelling.

No prior knowledge of etrainer is necessary and your trainer will guide you through the speedy connection process each time.

What are the advantages of etraining?

etrainer is flexible and cost-effective. You can receive training right where you are without anybody travelling and that saves time, money and helps save the planet. Sessions can be booked in advance – for example to fit into a quiet slot in your schedule, when you know you won’t be disturbed – or taken immediately (if a Trainer is available) to help you move forward there and then.

My IT colleagues wish to know what remote software you use?

etrainer presents no security risk to your network or your Heritage installation. We use ISL and Team Viewer, which are trusted, third party software solutions for this sort of activity. You or colleagues can call our support team to learn more about this software if that would be helpful.

How much does it cost?

One-to-one sessions can be taken in 30 minute blocks and cost £60 per 30 minutes. If you call us to discuss your requirement we can indicate how long an etrainer session for the topic you wish to cover might take. We have also designed a number of etrainer ‘mini-courses’ that range from thirty minutes to two hours in duration.

Course types

We have a variety of different types of courses types with a range of typical courses available on each.

  • Really New (Before you begin)

​Ideal for those who are brand new to Heritage or Heritage Cirqa and most useful taken in the first couple of weeks of using the system.

  • Getting Started (What are the basics?)

​Perfect for getting new team members up to speed quickly, or to top up knowledge after an initial face-to-face training day.

  • Lifeline Training (Help, I need training fast!)

For those who have just taken over at a library where Heritage or Heritage Cirqa are already in place and they need to hit the ground running. 

  • Beyond the Basics

​Aimed at the more experienced user, these courses will build on existing knowledge and enable you to master specific areas of the system.

Whilst we offer a variety of set courses under the above headings, the beauty of eTrainer is that it can be completely bespoke. 

Can I talk to somebody about etrainer before I go ahead?

Yes - you can talk to any member of our training team by calling 01865 481040 or email


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