Heritage Cirqa began life as Bookshelf, developed in conjunction with the Cairns Medical Library at the University of Oxford (John Radcliffe Hospital); so it has always been particularly suited to Medical Libraries.

At present there are over one hundred Medical libraries (many are multi-site) in the UK using Heritage or Heritage Cirqa . Below are a few reasons why.

  • We can provide hosting services to the NHS as we have a connection to NHSNet from our Oxford office. 
  • Suitable for large multi-site institutions.
  • Annual support and upgrade costs which are substantially less than for equivalent systems.
  • Quickcat Online - download catalogue records from the National Library of Medicine, British National Bibliography or Library of Congress directly into the Heritage catalogue record.
  • Supports a variety of classification schemes, including NLM and Bliss.
  • Heritage Online - Online version of OPAC and circulation facilities which can be provided via the Internet (with a secure link to NHSNet in order to provide availability and reader information).
  • Inter-operability with existing systems via SIP2, ODBC, LDAP, Z39.50 etc.
  • Event Scheduler - Schedule processes such as the creation of reports, sending of overdue notices etc so they are generated automatically.
  • Circulation Facilities - Heritage Cirqa offers the most sophisticated circulation facilities around, including short loans, timed loans, postal loans and inter-site transfers.

Case Studies

We provide a number of short case studies for you to read. Please click on the links below.

Barts Health NHS Trust (formerly Newham University Hospital NHS Trust)

Nobles Hospital

It is always good to have a system that looks good on the desktop for users as this definitely ups the users' perception of a switched-on library service.

Angela Clarke
North & North East Lincs PCT


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