Who Uses Heritage CIRQA?

Heritage Cirqa is used by a diverse variety of library resource centres, from academic to medical, government to legal and many other special libraries.

We have customers with library locations spread over multiple sites and others using just a single PC. Some sites have just a few hundred titles, whilst others have hundreds of thousands. It is difficult to say exactly where the limits of Heritage Cirqa lie, but whatever your requirement, the likelihood is that there are other comparible sites using Heritage Cirqa out there. So why not contact us for a low pressure discussion about how Heritage Cirqa might fit with your requirement?

The following categories of institution are represented in our current user list. Have a look at the ones most like yours to see how your institution could benefit from Heritage Cirqa.

We also have case studies from a representative sample of the 1000+ libraries that use Heritage or Heritage Cirqa. These case studies have not been updated since the release of Heritage Cirqa and are reflective of customers using Heritage rather than Heritage Cirqa, but all the sites included are still using our product (some having subsequently upgraded to Heritage Cirqa).  

A full Heritage Cirqa site list is available on request. 


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