Sarum College is an ecumenical study and research centre based in Salisbury’s Cathedral Close in Central Southern England. The College attracts scholars and students throughout the UK and enjoys an international reputation for excellence in theological education and spiritual reflection. Bridging scholarly thought and the church, Sarum welcomes people of all faiths and none, offering time and space for enquiring minds to grow in wisdom and courage.

What range of media do you hold in your library? Is it all catalogued on Heritage?
Our library is largely book based, but we do have a significant collection of journals. All our stock is on Heritage apart from some of the old pamphlets and local history materials which we really should catalogue eventually! They need a bit of thought as to how to catalogue them.
Can you remember where you first heard about Heritage? Did you look at our website before contacting us?
My predecessor had already installed Heritage, shortly before she retired. I think she chose it because she knew that it was used by other theological libraries.
What are your overall impressions of ISOxford staff (this includes Sales, Training and Support staff, plus any Developers you may have dealt with)?
Very good on the whole.
What did you think of the Heritage training?
Good but too expensive for us.
How have you found the support service from ISstaff?
Good but a little variable. I used to get frustrated waiting on the phone, but now generally email if there is a problem. Some support staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Have you used the support website? How useful did you find it?
I use it for helpsheets. It can be difficult to find the right one! They are very useful when you find them. I also use it to download updates.
How has Heritage improved the day-to-day running of the library and services offered to your users?
I started soon after Heritage had been installed and the cataloguing had just begun. I finished the cataloguing, installed self-issue (using PCs) and put the catalogue online. This has transformed the service offered to the users. Previously there was a card catalogue and manual issue system. Now users can search the catalogue from home, email their requirements and we will post the books to them. It is also much easier to keep control of who has borrowed which book, and to send email reminders for overdue books as well as to reserve books that are on loan.
What are your favourite features in Heritage?
The online catalogue. Being able to email overdues, and also being able to email directly from the borrower’s record.
Do you have any other comments you would like to make about ISOxford or Heritage? Would you recommend it/us to other libraries?
I would recommend the system - and often do to other Theological libraries.

Sarum College have been using Heritage since 1999. They currently have three additional full access licences, the Quickcat Online Module and Heritage Online (Small).


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