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Trinity School (Croydon) is a British independent boys' day school with a co-educational Sixth Form, located in Shirley Park, Croydon. They have used Heritage Cirqa, hosted by IS Oxford, since 2015, having previously used Eclipse, and they currently have over 26,000 titles and around 1,400 borrowers. Their online catalogue can be viewed here.

We spoke to their librarian, Kate Parlain.


What range of media do you hold in your library? Is it all catalogued on Heritage Cirqa?
We have books, DVDs, ebooks and journals. We also record useful websites, but rather than catalogue them independently we link them to book records. 
Do you currently integrate Heritage Cirqa with any other systems in your institution?
We have a link to Heritage Online from our VLE Firefly. I also download records from Browns Books for Students. I have links to JSTOR and Encylopaedia Britannica on the catalogue/OPAC front page.
What are your favourite features in Heritage Cirqa and Heritage Online?
The Enquiry Groups set up for Lower School, GCSE, Sixth Form and Staff mean that I can tailor the OPAC and resources to specific needs and ages.
Fortnightly SDI alerts (current awareness) facility of new books to all staff raises the profile of the library which enhances the proactive relationship between myself and the teaching staff.
The ability to link catalogue records together as related items or as sequels is particularly useful – it creates a link on the OPAC directly to other accessions, without the user searching again.
I use the events scheduler wherever possible.  It saves so much time, knowing that emails go out to pupils and staff automatically.  I notify readers when their books are due back so they can be renewed or returns; process overdue letters and reminders and reservation notifications.
I use the “in Library usage” on a monthly basis to complement my borrowing figures.  This means I can report more accurate the overall usage of the library.  Reading in the library particularly in formal English “reading” sessions can now be counted.
Kate Parlain
Do you use any of the tools in Heritage Online to promote your library? 
I have reading lists for various age groups linked to the Enquiry Groups and send SDI alerts to staff.  I have a link to Encyclopaedia Britannica and JSTOR as well as a few “search hints” and the occasional piece of library news.
How do you communicate with your users? What kind of notices do you send them?
I send pre-overdues (three days before the items are due back) and three different overdue letters to students. Staff just get a reminder.  New book acquisitions are sent to staff for their relevant curriculum areas.
Are you aware of IS Oxford’s approach to business practice? Do you notice a difference between the service we provide when compared with other suppliers you encounter??
You are lovely!
What do you think of our Support Service?
Your support services are wonderful; it is a very responsive service which I have not always found with other suppliers.  
What do you think of the Training we provide? 
Trinity School library
I am impressed with the quality and quantity.  I have been to training sessions in Oxford and used the training over the phone. I must book another session. The online training via the Flagship programme was excellent.
Would you recommend Heritage Cirqa to other libraries?
Yes definitely. I think it is fabulous.  I will challenge myself to learn more about the reports function. I am aware that there is a vast range of reports that the system can create and I am only using a very small fraction of its potential.
Do you have any other comments you would like to make about IS Oxford or Heritage Cirqa? 
Our school combines an 'intellectually challenging academic environment with outstanding pastoral care' (a comment from our recent survey of parents). In keeping with our school aim:  "The rigorous pursuit of excellence balanced by compassionate concern for individuals." Heritage Cirqa copes with the demands of our users.  I researched thoroughly library management systems before deciding on Heritage Cirqa and I am delighted it has lived up to my expectations.

Trinity School (Croydon) have been using Heritage Cirqa since 2015 and currently have four additional full access licences, Heritage Online (Large Schools), the Fines Module, MARC Import Module, Quickcat Online Module and the Reader Import Module.


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