A range of Consultancy Services

Heritage is a very sophisticated system and has a high degree of tailorability built-in. Many of the customizable elements are designed to be used by you without direct input from our technical staff. However you may need help from time to time implementing more complex operations and requirements and we offer technical consultancy services.

Remote or On-site Consultancy?

New technologies allow us to connect to your Heritage system from our offices in Oxford and work with you to make changes and adjustments. Using 'TeamViewer' you can allow us to take control of your system, while you watch, so that the implementation of the requirement is fast and free from error.

Sometimes though, there is no substitute for an on-site visit. One popular on-site requirement is an annual system 'MOT', which can be used to rationalise data, tidy up rogue records and remove anomalies which affect performance. Our consultants are experienced and knowledgeable, not just about Heritage, but running a library system in general, and they will arrange with you in advance, what you require and what it will take to achieve it. 

Heritage System MOT - Description

System Configuration

Whilst Heritage is designed to be set-up by users without technical help, it is often at the beginning that some input and guidance in configuring your system is really helpful. At this point you are unfamiliar with the layout and detail of the system and not only is it useful to have somebody show you around and help with entering parameters, it is an invaluable opportunity to discuss the implications of those parameters around the system both now and in the future.

We can guide you through the installation of Heritage and in particular help you integrate your newly converted library data to the new software smoothly.


Given that there are several ways to address your requirements we can find one which matches your own confidence and budget. Talk to our Sales Manager, Emma Duffield, about your requirement and which method will work best for you.


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