Heritage CIRQA in Special Libraries

In most Special Libraries the focus shifts away from the busy traffic and high stock levels of general libraries, towards a more detailed and specialised focus. Professional resources are expensive and the requirement to disseminate and inform colleagues about them is ever more important.

Often in Special Libraries we find that a sole librarian is responsible for resources and dissemination of information. So it is vital that the library management software provides sophisticated management tools which present in an accessible and easy to use way. The 'Event Scheduler' in Heritage Cirqa frees up valuable staff time as it enables the scheduling of mundane tasks such as sending email notices and producing reports.  

Heritage Cirqa not only takes most of the strain of the administrative workload, it also provides sophisticated dissemination tools to share some of the load of informing users about resources. For example the SDI (Sellective Dissemination of Information) facility automatically informs users of any new additions which might be of interest based on their specified subject areas of interest. Tailorable reports of new additions to the catalogue can be generated and printed or emailed to the user easily with minimal work from library staff. The lists can also be viewed by users from their borrower information at the OPAC or Self-Issue screens.

Serials Management

One of the facilities that sets Heritage Cirqa apart from its competitors is the extensive and powerful Serials Management facility. Follow the link to find out more detail about this impressive additional module.

Case Studies

We have produced a number of case studies for you to read. Click on the links below. Please bear in mind that some sites have used Heritage for over 21 years so some of the case studies are older than others.


Barts Health NHS Trust (formerly Newham University Hospital NHS Trust)

Cains Advocates, Solicitors and Notaries

Cyprus International Institute of Management

Fashion Retail Academy

Foot Anstey

Nobles Hospital

One Plus One

Simmons & Simmons


Transport Research Laboratory

The Willen Library

WRc (Water Research Council)


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