eLibrarian Service

If you are bogged-down with system administration tasks, but lack the time and spare hands to get them done, then we can help. If you keep meaning to set-up subscriptions for periodicals but lack the confidence to implement them, then we can help there too. If you wish to get back to doing more of the things you joined the library profession for, then we can rescue you from time-consuming processes.

elibrarian is a service available to any Heritage or Heritage Cirqa user. You tell us what you need and we can do it with you or for you, remotely. All you need is a hands-free phone and a computer running Heritage. At the other end of the line will be a real Heritage team member, ready to set-up and execute the task you require.

You can book an eLibrarian on an ad-hoc basis, whenever you need one and often at short-notice too! The requirement of each session can be agreed beforehand and can last as little as half an hour, depending on the task required. With your permission, our eLibrarian can access your system through a secure connection over the internet, to execute any function on your behalf. This service can be used for a myriad of purposes  - from specific system customisation to a more general system check. Here are some examples of previous tasks undertaken on behalf of users:

  • Overdue letter customisation
  • Report writing
  • Upgrade implementation and testing
  • Customisation of your OPAC screens
  • Customisation of your Library Maps facility
  • Tidying up your journals
  • Global delete/change of unwanted data
  • Moving readers up a year
  • System checking in readiness for a new academic year
  • Tidying up your Heritage data.

Think of us as a Systems Librarian: part of your team, but someone you don't have to share your cakes with!

For more information about elibrarian and a no obligation discussion about your requirement, please contact Eoin Garland on 01865 481000 or email him at


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